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As a vehicle certification services company, our main focus is on providing our clients with comprehensive and reliable solutions for meeting the Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards. We offer a range of services that include consultation, design standards,engineering,testing, Electric vehicle,Hydrogen vehicle,vehicle type approvals, component approvals, and vehicle import process. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ vehicles and components are compliant with the strict ADR standards, and we work closely with them to achieve successful outcomes. At our core, we are committed to delivering quality solutions and excellent customer service to our clients, helping them achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Consulting & Training

At Nanchang Teli Service-ADRCert company, we offer professional consulting and training services to help our clients navigate the complex world of Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of vehicle certification and can provide tailored solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs. Whether our clients require guidance on compliance requirements, testing procedures, or engineering solutions, we are here to provide expert advice and support. Additionally, we offer training services to help our clients understand the ADR standards and ensure their staff is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain compliance. Our goal is to empower our clients with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve compliance efficiently and effectively.

Inspecting & Testing

We understand the importance of rigorous and reliable vehicle inspection and testing to ensure compliance with ADR standards. Our team of experts is equipped with the latest equipments and technology to conduct a wide range of vehicle inspections and testing services, including brake ,noise testing and many others. We offer our clients comprehensive solutions to identify and address any compliance issues quickly and efficiently, reducing potential downtime and costs. Our vehicle inspection and testing services are carried out in accordance with the strictest ADR standards, and our team of experts ensures that our clients’ vehicles meet or exceed all necessary requirements. At our core, we are committed to providing our clients with reliable and cost-effective vehicle inspection and testing services, helping them achieve ADR compliance.

Approval Grants

With the well understanding complexities of the approval process for ADR. We offer comprehensive solutions for the approval process, from submission to communication with administration officers. Our team of experts has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of ADR compliance and can assist our clients in preparing their applications to the relevant authorities. We provide tailored solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements, ensuring that all necessary documentation is completed accurately and efficiently. Furthermore, we are committed to communicating regularly with admin. officers, keeping our clients informed of the application’s progress and addressing any questions or concerns that may arise. Our goal is to help our clients achieve approval grants quickly and efficiently.

What we can deliver

  • Vehicle type approvals (commercial quantities of new vehicles)
  • Apply for a single vehicle approval(Concessional RAV,Non-RAV )
  • Apply for non-road vehicles
  • Components type Approvals
  • ADR Test Reports
  • Second Stage of Manufacture &  automotive workshop approval
  • Report a vehicle safety or non-compliance concern
  • Apply for Testing facility and SEVs

How we can help

  • ECE Approval – TD Preparation, CBU Self-Inspection, COP Assistance, Certificate Maintenance
  • Training and Consulting – Technical Training Course, Public Seminar, Customized Consult on Needs
  • E-mark Homologation – Apply E4 (RDW), E5 (Sweden), E13 (SNCH), E24 (NSAI), E49 (Cyprus) certificates
  • Market Access – Delegation, Analysis Report, Agent
  • Regulation – Standard Updating, Translation, Interpretation

We have established partnerships to offer a wide range of services beyond ADR homologation, including ECE homologation, GSO homologation, and other international standards.

Application Scenarios

Truck ADR test
ADR68 seat testing
ADR speed testing
Component battery testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
What are the ADRs and what is the purpose?

The Australian Design Rules (ADRs) are national standards for vehicle safety, anti-theft and emissions. To ensure vehicles on roads are safe, secure and environmentally-friendly.Their purpose is to ensure that all vehicles and vehicle components sold in Australia meet minimum safety and environmental standards.

How can I obtain ADR approval for my vehicle or component?

To obtain ADR certification, you must submit your vehicle or component for testing to an accredited testing facility. Once the testing is complete and the product meets all ADR requirements, you can apply for certification from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications.

What are the requirements for ADR certification?

The specific requirements for ADR certification depend on the type of vehicle or component being tested. Generally, ADRs cover areas such as occupant protection, structural integrity, braking systems, lighting and signalling, and emissions.

What are the testing procedures for ADR certification?

Testing procedures for ADR certification may include a range of tests and evaluations, such as crash tests, braking tests, emissions tests, and durability tests. Testing must be conducted by an accredited testing facility.

What is the cost of obtaining ADR certification?

The cost of obtaining ADR certification can vary depending on the type of vehicle or component being tested, as well as the specific testing requirements. It is important to assess the project before beginning the certification process.

How long does the ADR certification process take?

The ADR certification process can take several weeks or months, depending on the complexity of the testing required and submission documents. It is important to plan ahead and allow sufficient time for testing and certification.

Is ADR mandatory for all vehicles&Acomponents in Australia?

Yes, ADR certification is mandatory for all vehicles and vehicle components sold in Australia.

Can I import a vehicle or component into Australia without ADR ?

No, all vehicles and vehicle components imported into Australia must meet ADR requirements and be certified before they can be sold.

How often do the ADRs get updated or revised?

The ADRs are periodically reviewed and updated to ensure they reflect the latest technology and safety standards. The frequency of updates varies depending on the specific ADR.

What are the consequences of not complying with ADR regulations?

Non-compliance with ADR regulations can result in fines, seizure of products, and legal liability in the event of accidents or injuries caused by non-compliant vehicles or components.

Driving Success Together

With the communication privilege as an ADR agent in China, we’ve serviced a list of Chinese OEMs& Australian Importers to get the ADR certification done both on the vehicles or components. Suffix of this document presents typical cases that are traceable on Rover Vehicle Regulator(ROVER) and RVCS (Road Vehicle Certificate System) website by the Approval Numbers.