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National Road Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 107/00 – Lane Keeping Systems) 2022

The function of this National Road Vehicle Standard is to require vehicles to be fitted with systems that provide warning to the driver and correct the vehicle trajectory when the driver is unintentionally leaving the lane. This standard includes technical requirements intended to ensure lane keeping systems function appropriately.


1. This National Road Vehicle Standard applies to vehicles in MA, MB, MC and NA

categories as defined in Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule – Definitions and

Vehicle Categories) 2005 from the dates set out in clause 3.1.1 and clause 3.1.2 and in the

applicability table under clause 3.3 below.

2.1. [1 March 2024] for all new model vehicles.

2.2. [1 March 2026] for all vehicles.

For the purposes of clause 2.1, a “new model” is a vehicle model first produced with a ‘Date of manufacture’ on or after the agreed date in that clause.

Applicable vehicles must be fitted with a Lane keeping System (LKS) in accordance with this National Road Vehicle Standard.

Note: The requirements in this National Road Vehicle Standard have been adapted from EU Regulation EU 2021/646 Emergency Lane Keeping Systems (ELKS).

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