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Are you manufacturing or importing two and three-wheeled vehicles in Australia? 🏍️🛵

Ensuring your vehicles comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADR) is essential to bring them to market. Our expertise in ADR certification for two and three-wheeled vehicles can make the journey smoother for you.

2轮或是3轮摩托车车辆首次进入澳洲市场时,必须满足ADR要求,获得VTA approval 并安装标牌,当前越来越多的纯电摩托车车型成功开发并批量进入市场,纯电摩托车也同样需要通过ADR认证才可进入澳大利亚市场。

Joining the Ride of Electric Motorbikes 🏍️⚡

Are you ready to embrace the electrifying future of transportation? Electric motorbikes are taking the market by storm, and here’s why you should hop on board! 🌟

What ADR requirements for Motor cycle,Moped and EV:

ADR standards may have been updated or revised since my last knowledge update in September 2021,here are some key ADR standards relevant to motorbikes:

  1. Compliant lamps installation ,E-mark(UN ECE) is acceptable for ADR
  2. Braking system with CBS or ABS is required
  3. Correct vehicle marking
  4. Special Requirements for L-Group Vehicles

Electric Motorcycles are Becoming Increasingly Popular, what are the differences in ADR requirements between EVs and internal combustion engines’?

  1. Most of ADRs are the same for both types of motorcycles
  2. Main difference is the operation control system and traction motor
  3. Electric Motorcycles are clean and green, producing zero emissions. a peaceful ride with minimal noise pollution, all are benefits for ADRs standards
  4. Battery safety and charging systems will be getting more consideration for market demand.

LA=L1 助力车/2轮两轮机动车(非动力辅助脚踏车),装配发动机,气缸排量不超过50ml,最大车速不超过50kmh;或两轮机动车辆,装配不同于活塞发动机的动力源,最大车速不超过50km/h
LB=L2 助力车/3轮三轮机动车(非动力辅助脚踏车),装配发动机,气缸排量不超过50ml,最大车速不超过50kmh;或三轮机动车辆,装配不同于活塞发动机的动力源,最大车速不超过50km/h
LC= L3 摩托车两轮机动车,装配发动机,气缸排量超过50ml,或者最大车速超过50km/h
LD=L4 边三轮摩托车三轮机动车,三个车轮按照车辆中间轴不对称地分布,气缸排量超过50ml,或者最大车速超过50km/h
LE=L5 机动三轮车三轮机动车,三个车轮按照车辆中间轴不对称地分布,整车重不超过1吨,气缸排量超过50ml,或者最大车速超过50km/h
LEG1车辆构造主要用于货物运输,前面1个车轮,后面2个车轮-车辆构造既可以载人也可以载货,如果座位数量x68 kg<50%x(满载质量-空载质量),那么该车辆被认为主要用于载货
LEG2车辆构造主要用于货物运输,前面2个车轮,后面1个车轮-车辆构造既可以载人也可以载货,如果”座位数量x68 kg<50%x(满载质量-空载质量),那么该车辆被认为主要用于载货

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